General Services

Apart from normal healthcare courses and training, we at CTK Healthcare provide our audience with various other general services such as career counseling, library services, and many more. Check out for the general services.

Refund Service

It is the responsibility of the Admission Officer to process student refunds as per the school’s approved refund policy, which is also approved by TWC, if a student cancels his/her program of enrollment.

CTK has a policy to automatically refund the tuition and fees within forty-five days of cancelling, without requiring a request from the student. The CTK approved refund policy, as listed in its catalog, and approved by TWC, students withdrawing from a program at least 72 hours after the first day of class starts, will be refunded all fees paid.

Furthermore, in accordance with TWC guidelines, students withdrawing from a program after three days of the program start date through the end of the program will be assessed a $100 administrative fee. CTK deducts the $100 fee, from the refund and all other fees paid as per the refund policy provided by state agency, DADs. The admission office in conjunction with the accounting office will refund the amount calculated within forty-five days.

Student Orientation

Admission officer is responsible to orient the perspective student to acquaint about the campus as much as possible for the comfort of making a decision about the enrollment in a program CTK offers.

In the very first day of the entry of the perspective student in the campus, admission office hands the student handbook, make an arrangement to provide a program information sheet that includes the program description and competencies, the class schedule, fees, prerequisites, course content, payment plan, availability of loans and its terms and condition, information about the instructors, and selection process.

Furthermore, the Admission Office in conjunction with Student Service Coordinator takes students on a tour of the campus, allowing candidates to become acquainted with the campus, classrooms, labs, computer and media station, Instructors’ Office, student lounge, conference room, restrooms and water fountain area, safety and first aid handling, internship information, notice boards and their uses, and Administration Offices. The SSC and the admissions staff introduce the policies and procedures, course completion, placement data, and employment opportunities.

Once the initial tour of the campus and introduction to the training programs has taken place, candidates who are interested in enrolling, complete the application and interview process. The Admissions Officer provides the enrollment agreement documents to be signed by the student, arranges for students to make arrangements for payment, and is given a course schedule. The signature of the student is also an acknowledgment of the essential functions of the attendance requirements for the program, as per the state authority requirements.

Similarly, instructors are required to conduct an orientation during the first hour of class in order to review the facility and safety procedures, program rules and policies, including the course syllabus, and to create a comfortable environment for the students to learn.

Disability Services

The Admission Office maintains compliance with ADA, and asks the students with special needs to self-identify themselves and their disability. Students also sign a statement confirming their ability to perform the essential functions of the occupation for which they are requesting training. Special accommodations are also made, upon written request from the student in need.

Now, it is the job of the Admission Officer to file this critical information, with attention to maintaining student privacy, and secure all information. All the classrooms are made accessible and meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. CTK facilities also are in compliance to allow students with disabilities to participate in all activities and provide easy access to restrooms, classrooms, the elevator, parking and doorway

Financial Services

In an effort, to assist the students with their healthcare education, CTK offers some promotional discounts in its tuition fees. This promotion is made public through, emails, flyer, brochures, notice, and on the school website.

Furthermore, the Finance and Admissions Offices offer flexibility by providing a payment plan. The school also accepts credit card payments in addition to cash or check payments. Moreover, the school does not charge late payments or interest charges. CTK also offers private loans for students in need, if they are qualified as per the private loan company requirements. CTK does not offer any kind of government financial aid.

Student Record Services

Student scores and quiz reports are given back to students at the end of every week to discuss the satisfactory progress with the instructor. After completion of the program, a Certificate of Completion is issued by the Registrar. A copy of the student transcript will be provided to the students if a written letter of request is faxed or email to the Registrar’s office.

Student Safety and Emergency Services

Student safety is a top priority. The facility is well-equipped with a first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and emergency exit plans located in main areas including student lounges and computer stations. To assist the student in the need of assistance, an emergency contact person s identified to help a student in need. The Admission Officer is responsible to show all the safety related devices including the emergency safety contact person. In case of a natural disaster or any emergency all staff, students and instructors must follow these instructions.

Placement Assistance Service

The Placement Coordinator, in conjunction with instructors and the Student Service Coordinator (SSC), assist graduates in their job search. The Placement Coordinator provides meetings with potential employers and students getting ready to graduate on campus. The Placement Coordinator provides contact information, and other job search assistance, including postings on the notice board. CTK does not guarantee placement.

Resume Writing & Job Interview Preparation Service

Instructors, towards the end of the course provide tips for job search, and initial tips for job interviews. Similarly, the Academic Director helps to write resumes and provides interview tips for the graduates. The Academic Director explains the scope of the Nurse Aide and Pharmacy Technician training in terms of knowledge and job opportunities. He provides the names big companies and types of healthcare facilities in Dallas-Fort Worth area and in the neighborhood. He also explains the job availability in town and in DFW area.

Library Services

The Student Service Coordinator (SSC) is responsible to serve the students in need of reference books, lab equipment, technological devices, such as a DVD, projector, Manikins, manuals to use state-of–the-art machines. The reference books, journal articles, books related to healthcare disciplines and science are stored in a drawer. Interested student can issue the book of their interest through student service coordinator.

Counseling Services

Once an instructor believes there is a need for counseling for a particular student, the instructor notifies the student service coordinator (SSC). Subsequently it becomes the job of the SSC to facilitate the meeting between students and the CAO. The CAO is directly involved in counseling of the students in order to promote them in their academic and employment goals. If the counseling is an emergency, the Academic Director or the designee of the CAO serves the student in need. In an effort to choose the right program of study as per their interest the Admission Officer organizes a meeting between the AD and the prospective student to describe in-depth the pros and cons of each program.

Procedure for handling Complaints & grievances for Faculty & Staff

CTK will endeavor to maintain a work environment that nourishes respect for the dignity of each individual. This policy is adopted in furtherance of that tradition. It is against the policies of CTK for an employee to harass another person because of the person’s sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or other characteristic protected by law. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on such characteristics will not be tolerated. All complaints including harassment will be promptly, thoroughly and confidentially investigated and, where necessary, appropriate corrective action will be taken. Any person found to have unlawfully harassed another employee will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from the job.

The step by step procedure includes the followings

  1. The staff verbally or in written forms inform to the CAO about the complain
  2. CAO meet the staff in length and understand the complain
  3. CAO may ask the staff what the staff wants from the other staff who harassed her/him.
  4. CAO will inform the case to the Director
  5. Director inform the other staff about the complain
  6. Director try to meet both/{all )the staff together and try to resolve the issue
  7. Director and CAO meet again with both/(all) the staff together, and suggest their final decision upto discharge from the job if the involved staffs do not agree on the resolution set by CAO and Director.
  8. Director & CAO decision will be documented and kept in those staff personal files for records.