Career Counseling

CTK Healthcare provides free career counselling to all our students and help with job placements. For more details for your career please contact our office.

Job Placement Policy

(Note: CTK does not guarantee job placement)

CTK has developed a plan to assists its students for their placement in the job market. The purpose of this plan is to ensure to assist its student ready from preparation to place in job market.

Outline of the Activities

Following are the outlies of activities to achieve the objectives of the plan

  1. Resume preparation class and help
  2. Career counseling and job search tips
  3. Inform the students for the job fair/Availability in healthcare facility
  4. Connect students with job placement agencies
  5. Interview preparation skills

Review, Evaluation & Revision of the Plan

The plan will be reviewed at least once a year in the staff meeting and/or to the Institutional Advisory Board. The plan once revised will be made public in the notice board of the campus.