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Four Reasons To Pursue Our Medical Assisting (Billing and Coding) Career Program

When it comes to healthcare training for a career in the medical field, there are few places that can compare to CTK Healthcare & Career Institute in Irving, Texas. Our team is truly passionate in helping students learn the knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers. Here are four reasons why our Medical Assisting (Billing and Coding) Career Program is the best in the business, and why it may be a good fit for you! Get started with us today.

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Deep Training in the Clinical and Administrative Areas of Health Care

Our Medical Assisting (Billing and Coding) Career Program is designed to give students a deep understanding of both the clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare. From medical terminology and coding to insurance billing and office management, our students will be prepared for any job they might encounter in the medical field.

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Our Instructors Are Second to None

The instructors at CTK Healthcare & Career Institute are some of the best in the business. With years of experience in the medical field, they are able to provide students with the real-world knowledge and expertise they need to be successful in their chosen medical assisting career.

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Earn Your Certifications

Upon completion of our Medical Assisting (Billing and Coding) Career Program, students will have the opportunity to earn various certifications. These certifications are highly sought-after by medical professions and will give students a leg up on the competition when it comes time to find a job.

  • Certified Medical Assistant
  • Certified Medical Billing and Coding
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician
  • Certified from EKG Technician
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A Wide Range of Career Opportunities

The medical field is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, which means there are a wide variety of career opportunities available to our students. Whether they want to work in a hospital, doctor’s office, dentistry, or any other type of healthcare facility, our students will be prepared for the job they want.

If you’re looking for a career in healthcare that offers deep training, real-world experience, and a wide range of career opportunities, then look no further than CTK Healthcare & Career Institute. Contact us today to learn more about our medical assisting (billing and coding) program.

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