Four Reasons To Choose Our CTK Healthcare Curriculum

Four Reasons To Choose Our CTK Healthcare Curriculum

At CTK Healthcare & Career Institute, we understand that selecting the right medical education program is an important decision. With a variety of academic program options, qualified instructors, various learning environments, and affordable tuition, CTK Healthcare & Career Institute is your best choice for an online medical course for healthcare careers. Read more about what we have to offer below, and visit us online to get started today!

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Various Academic Program Options

First and foremost, students are presented with a variety of options when enrolling in our academic programs. Our courses include Medical Assisting (Billing & Coding), Medication Aide, Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Technician, and Nurse Aide some of which can be completed in three weeks, eight weeks, 26 weeks, or 20 weeks (plus six weeks of internship).

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Our Instructors Truly Care About Your Success

At CTK, our instructors truly care about your success. Our teachers are experienced professionals in the healthcare industry, and they are dedicated to providing quality education and guidance to our students. Our instructors are passionate about teaching, and they understand the importance of keeping up with the latest technology and trends in healthcare.

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Learn In A Real World or Online Environment

Our academic programs are designed to provide students with a real-world learning environment. Our courses are based on practical, hands-on training, and our students learn the skills they need to be successful in their healthcare career. We also provide students with job-seeking skills and placement services to help them find the right job for them.

Online options are also available!

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We Help Make Education Affordable

Finally, we strive to make our medical education as affordable as possible. We offer discounted tuition for Pharmacy Technician & Patient Care Technician (PCT) which may be covered by Financial AID (FAFSA) upon approval. We also offer affordable and huge promotional discounted tuition with a weekly payment plan for Nurse Aide (CNA) $599, and Med Aide $799. We also partner with various organizations to offer scholarships to our students.

At CTK Healthcare & Career Institute, our goal is to provide students with the best healthcare education and training to prepare them for successful and rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. We are committed to helping our students reach their goals and make their dreams a reality. With our various academic program options, experienced instructors, and affordable tuition, CTK Healthcare & Career Institute is the perfect choice for your online medical course.

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