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Different Roles & Responsibilities Of A Pharmacy Tech

Becoming a pharmacy tech is an excellent career opportunity, but before getting started, it is best to know the different roles and responsibilities you will have once you make your jump into the field! As the provider of a leading pharmacy technician program, CTK Healthcare & Career Institute is here to teach you what you could expect to do as a pharmacy tech! If after this reading you are interested in the career, register for our program today!


Where Do Pharmacy Technicians Work?

Pharmacy technicians are able to work in a variety of environments including retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, and long-term care pharmacies. Their ultimate goal is to assist licensed pharmacists in dispensing and filling prescription medication and checking inventory!

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Customer Service

As a customer service-based career, pharmacy technicians are responsible for maintaining proper communication with their clients. This can include the collection of information about patients and healthcare professionals required to fill a prescription. As well as conducting routine pharmacy tasks, such as answering phone calls from customers and responding adequately to their questions.

pharmacist filling prescription

Medication Filling

The main objective of a pharmacy tech is to correctly count pills and measure amounts of other medication based on prescription. This also includes compounding medications, which are essentially the mixture of various medications to create a new one for a specific patient’s needs. Lastly, they are responsible for packaging and labeling said prescriptions.

insurance card

Insurance Claims

Pharmacy technicians are also responsible for dealing with various insurance companies to fulfill claims for customers. This is one of the more important roles because it ensures that the pharmacy receives the payments they need from customers, whether they pay out of pocket or through insurance!

There are many other roles and responsibilities you will have as a pharmacy tech, all of which we will teach you in our pharmacy technician program. If you are interested in this career path, the team at CTK Healthcare & Career Institute is here to help. Contact us to register today!

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