Employee Job Description


The Institution’s President is the chief executive officer of the institution, overseeing all operations of the School, from academic affairs, to enrollment and student life, and is responsible for setting future goals and directions for the School. The person is responsible for implementing the policies and procedures consistent with the Institution. Thus, president need to meet with staff and faculty at least once each year for a policy review, holds regular office hours, and be available to the CTK community. Further, he or she may adopt new or revised administrative policies and procedures on the President’s own initiative, or from the recommendation of faculty or administrative staff, without prior approval of the management team, provided that any changes in administrative policies and procedures do not conflict with School’s policy. The President may further delegate this authority unless specifically prohibited from doing so by explicit statement in a policy adopted by the Institute.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of the quality of the academic and support programs of the Institute.
  • Oversees of the relationship between students and the administration.
  • Oversees the management of the School’s finances with the assistance of the Finance Director.
  • Handles all aspects of the administration of the School’s personnel.
  • Oversees the operation and maintenance of real and personal property under the jurisdiction of the School.
  • Guides and supervises all Alumni activities.
  • Consults and cooperates with the Institute and other educational groups on various matters, including planning for the future development of the Institution.
  • Represents the School in matters of public affairs and networking.
  • Establishes and maintains a centralized system for fundraising, advancement, and development of the School, and Meets annually with the management team, staff and faculty at annual policy meeting to ensure that the School maintains all regulatory policies and reviews and revises policies as necessary.
  • Build a system to exercise proper management, financial controls, and business practices.
  • Conducts a monthly visual inspection, and subsequent evaluation of the facility, and recommends reviewing of the Emergency Injury and Illness Plan as needed.
  • Implement, review, and correct if needed, all the plans for student services, employee services, Media Services, Emergency and Safety plans including ADA compliance with federal codes and procedures all business related services.

Implementation of policy or procedures:

  • The President shall appoint an administrative staff to assist in the performance of the functions and duties to the President and may re-delegate authority as the President deems necessary to selected administrators.
  • The President shall adopt a procedure for developing and adopting new or revised administrative policies and procedures. This procedure shall be designed to ensure participation and discussion by those members of the Institution’s community affected by the proposed administrative action. Administrative policies and procedures shall become effective on the date of adoption by the President or as otherwise specified.


The Academic Director works closely with the School Director to review and analyze current curriculum as well as align curriculum and assessment materials to up-to-date industry standards while ensuring that the institution maintains an effective and productive learning environment. Furthermore, the AD develops and implements educational goals for the institution that are clear and measurable.

  • Responsible for implementing and overseeing academic policies and procedures to enhance the delivery of the programs.
  • Coordinate with the School Director in setting teaching goals and evaluating outcomes.
  • Hire, train, manage, define teacher workload and their schedule.
  • Counsel teachers, oversee teacher-related issues, answer teacher-related academic and general questions, and formally report to the School Director any positive points and any developments that require the School Director’s attention.
  • Manage all teacher issues including class assignments, amendments to assignments and scheduling, and communications with instructors as scheduling issues arise.
  • Assure that all instructors are informed of and adhere to this institution’s policies and procedures regarding instructors.
  • Conduct teacher observations two to three times each year, In the absence of CAO.
  • Coordinate instructor-related functions and events.
  • Communicate with students about events, schedules, expectations, and learning outcomes.
  • Ensure that accurate records are kept of student attendance and academic progress.
  • Advise students for their career path.
  • Ensure to provide Counsel to difficult, needy and unprepared students to provide tips for the success or alternatives solution or remediation as reported by Instructors, SSC or admission officer. Provides academic advising as needed as per catalog, or that comes through instructors, or admission officer.
  • Ensure to provide necessary counseling, to motivate the prospective students as per his/her interest and ability in choosing the right program.
  • Provide effective academic guidelines to the instructors, including to motivate the various types of learner in the class for the progress of Ability to Benefit (ATB) and Disable students as per the ADA act.
  • Provide every effort for the success in the program of study for the enrolled student.
  • Review student requests for class changes, resume writing, job search tips and preparation for job interview.
  • Ensure the student conduct, dismissal, attendance, grade, graduation.
  • Review student feedback including student evaluations and satisfaction surveys and analyze results.
  • Conduct monthly faculty/staff meetings, record meeting minutes and report to the School Director.
  • Maintain membership and be actively involved in professional organizations as part of the institution’s professional development plans for faculty.
  • Identify veteran instructor to train new instructor to assist him/her for effective teaching from the very first day of the class.


  • Collect the money from any sales from the administrative officer and make a deposit on the bank account.
  • Keep record of deposit, withdrawal and payment to the related parties on behalf of the company as per the order of school director.
  • Be sure to be responsible and accountable for proper record-keeping, and reporting to the chain of commands.
  • Make all the necessary purchases as per the director’s order.
  • Make necessary emergency purchases of supply under $200, including any health and safety supplies, on your own discretion, w/o the approval of PO, and inform CAO later. Be sure to maintain the Materials Safety and Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) if needed.
  • Be sure to purchase the supplies if they meet the safety standards required by the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA).
  • Ensure the availability of instructional and office supply good enough for at least a month.
  • Maintain the book keeping of transactions and including receipts, vouchers, contract with vendors, invoices and statements related bank accounts and transactions.
  • Perform all the works as assigned by School Director.
  • Take charge of any emergency situation in the absence of Health, Safety & Emergency Contact officer.
  • Complete any jobs as per the Director’s order.
  • Take all the responsibility of Finance Director in his/her absence, including allocation of budget for media and non -media services.
  • Be sure to maintain enough numbers of printer, copier, scanner, and other Items necessary to creates instructional media for all the programs.
  • In the absence of Finance Director, take all the responsibility of financial system including yearly budget allocation as per the Policy of CTK, taxes, and IRS.
  • Repair, Maintenance, replace and Dispose of Obsolete equipment in conjunction with IT personnel.
  • Take the responsibility to purchase and stored the supply and provide to the instructors and staff as soon as possible whenever there Is a need.
  • Keep Inventory of all the items for both the instructional and general purposes. Be sure to delete the obsolete items from the inventory list, once it is disposed.
  • Ensure the day-to-day financial transaction, which helps to analyze the fiscal position in every three months.
  • Be sure to be knowledgeable about the total cost of each of the program CTK offers, including the, state law, production of financial and statistical reports for the job.


  • Take full responsibilities of finance of the institute.
  • To find the profit and loss from each program and overall financials of the company.
  • To estimate the budget in advance, for the effective running of the programs for on-going and upcoming programs for the year.
  • In doing so, consults with the Program Directors and instructors for the need of new media materials, equipment, and supplies to ensure the effectiveness of the learning process at the beginning of each new fiscal year, and tabled the agenda for the recommendations by Advisory Board.
  • Estimate budget for physical plant development in advance, for the year.
  • Ensure all the physical facility are in compliance with DADs and TWC Guidelines.
  • Assist in the accreditation process and to work with on-going and upcoming educational consultants to pursue the company for its higher standards of educational excellence.
  • Promote the programs of CTK in various components of community including social networks, chamber of commerce and community organizations.
  • Assist School Director as per his needs.
  • Set up training for staff and instructors whenever necessary to train them for the safety and use of new equipment’s purchased.
  • Be sure to check the safety standards once newly purchased item is received by CTK.
  • To sign the service contracts or with any vendor on behalf of CTK, in compliance with government agencies.
  • Work with the assigned CPA to handle the annual, exterior audit, required by our accrediting agency and the Department of Education, Taxes, and other government fees as per the IRS Compliance.
  • Be sure to be professional and responsible for record-keeping, reporting and auditing as per Generally accepted financial practices.


  • Take the full charge of Human Resources of CTK.
  • Work with CAO to initiate, process and hiring of employee as needed.
  • Ensure the budget requirement for the new position available with Finance Division before initiating a process to hire an employee.
  • To ensure the complete job descriptions of the position available for CTK.
  • Clarify “Employee Handbook” to the employee and ne sure to sign on the page that acknowledge that s/he read the handbook thoroughly, and Be sure to inform the policy to all the employee uniformly shall there be any changes in the Handbook.
  • Document all the necessary documents of the new employee as per IRS, state and CTK policy.
  • Be professional and responsible for record-keeping, reporting and about the benefits for employee.
  • Assist CAO in all the aspect of college including HR department, as per his/her needs including to provide safety training for the new equipment purchased, if needed.
  • Evaluate every employee annually and document the performance record evaluation with employee signature in his/her personnel file.
  • To ensure to submit any document about employee to TWC and DADs about employee as per their rules.
  • Be sure to provide necessary job training professional development and initial orientation to all newly hired employee.


Student Services include all necessary assistance to our students. Our key services include: advising/counseling, career services, library services, IT assistance, accounting needs, information needs, and transcript requests. The Student Services Coordinator is to acquire a working knowledge of the specific objectives of the campus Student Services program and its relationship to the total campus operation:

  • Interpret and apply program rules and regulations.
  • Make appropriate recommendations as to student support.
  • Present clear and concise information orally and in written reports (to the School Director and
  • Academic Director).
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with faculty, administrators, student organizations and other private and public agencies.
  • Understand and implement “Student Personnel Services Plan (SPSP)’’ and find weakness and improvement of plan for the effective coordination of student services.
  • To do every effort to place the graduates in a job assisting placement coordinator. Be proactive to coordinate a meeting of placement coordinator, program instructors, admission officer and AD and CAO to update the status of the graduates in terms of securing the job, and to find new avenues of job search to attain maximum in this regard, periodically.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Support and assist the school services in providing routine advice, counsel and information to prospective students.
  • Plan and participate in recruitment/outreach activities; Develop and recommend marketing goals and strategies.
  • Provide assistance to the School and Academic Directors in regards to student acclamation to the school.
  • Maintain the yearly instructional inventory list; keep current list twice a year, obsolete worn out items, replace the items as per the chain of command practice and update the list of current items and informed all the staff.

Student Adviser Duties:

  • Advise & support all students with admissions process, registration process, transfer-in, transfer-out, and college counseling.
  • Identify the needy students for counseling through instructors, and make an arrangement of meeting with Academic Director and/or CAO to suggest him/her the right way to complete the program including assistants for the placement.
  • Identify the need of advising/counseling to the prospective students in choosing the right program through admission officer and arrange a meeting with Academic Dean and/or CAO.
  • Monitor attendance and academic progress of students.
  • Provide ongoing counseling for students’ academic goals.
  • Respond to students’ requests by email and phone.
  • Assist admission officer during admission and to orient the student as needed.
  • Take charge of student complain and manage the conversation and/or meeting of student with CAO.
  • To collect and systematically maintain all the forms for student services including accident and injury forms.


  • Assist graduates in all aspects of their job search.
  • Creates email groups and contact/conversation through group emails.
  • Keep track of students’ SAP, their work history, and all contact information regarding their employer/s.
  • Complete the annual reporting as per the TWC guidelines; Update Student Placement results as required.
  • Ensure that every student has a resume, cover letter, professional exam results, and all necessary proof of professional standards and work history.
  • Update the School’s website as it pertains to the Career Search and Job Placement information.
  • Post job search results on school bulletin boards to congratulate the new job holder, and encourage others as to their job search results.
  • Ensure that every student know how to search the job in their neighborhood, and, be familiar with the key words.
  • Be sure to work under the supervision of job as assigned by SSC aiming to find effective job search.
  • Keep the class rooms and affiliated area clean including trash, in the absence of custodian.


  • Follow the required job duties as assigned by HR and Finance Division office.
  • Coordinate with the SSC to identify and solve all technical problems in regards to teaching and networking issues.
  • Ensure that all the computers and network systems are password protected, and provide the password only to authorized personnel.
  • Ensure the safety and security of all computers, software and hard drives from virus and malware; create reliable privacy back up plan for networks.
  • Ensure the timely inspection of security systems for all networks system.
  • Maintain an inspection inventory of all security for the school’s technology and network systems.
  • Maintain Work Order forms, and provide service promptly.
  • Create group emails of all the students for every session and work with instructors to keep these lists up-to-date; ensure to assist instructors to create instructional items.
  • Maintain current inventory of media items including the timely repairs, cleanliness and maintenance of all computers, printers, scanners, projectors, AED and CPR Manikins.
  • To ensure that all telephones, printers, fax, copy machine, scanner and all the peripherals are working properly.
  • To ensure the advertisement of CTK including Facebook and other social media are effective.
  • Adjust and secure all white boards, projectors, TV, and screens in the classrooms.
  • Help other employee’s technical need to perform their job.
  • Provide necessary technical orientation, and training to the users of new technological Items including instructors, staff and students.
  • Provide the custody of technological items; creates and provide user policy and users log in systems aiming to collect basis of effective use of the items and services.
  • Provide necessary technological help to the instructors as per their need to create instructional media.


  • Crates and implement a policy for the use of conference room, projector, copier and printer, software (DVD), manikins, patient beds, weight machines, extra stethoscopes and other equipment’s.
  • Keep different facility including restrooms neat and clean.
  • Maintain bright light, AC and heating system.
  • Ensure safety, take care and manage heavy, unwanted, and hazardous materials.
  • Ensure the equipment’s and instruments in their own place, including technology related equipment’s.
  • Report the obsolete equipment’s to SSC and IT personnel for their appropriate disposals.
  • Maintain locks, key, windows, blinds, doors, furniture, file cabinets and other in working condition. Report to the Purchasing and Accounting Coordinator, shall there a need to replace or repair.
  • To ensure the custodians are working as scheduled and perform the job duties and responsibility.